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Glass Waste Recycling Rugby

Many businesses are put off by the logistics of the recycling bin system. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple, one-time training with an explanation of the benefits to your organization and the environment should be enough to inspire your employees to recycle properly. This will also help to enhance employee morale and your businesses credibility. We can help make this a reality. Call us on 01788 340 610 to organise your glass waste management services including collection and recycling.

Remember, glass bottles and jars can be recycled indefinitely. The use of recycled glass in the manufacturing process saves both raw materials and energy. The data on commercial glass recycling show that business and industry can do better. Pubs, restaurants, and bars alone contribute 200 000 tonnes of glass to the trash every year in the hospitality business. If your business falls under this, contact us. We have the solution for you.

What Makes up Glass Waste?

Glass makes up a considerable portion of all waste due to its density and weight. Instead of abandoning waste glass, the process of recycling it into usable items is usually highly beneficial. Glass ‘waste’ typically consists of discarded glasses, bulbs, bottles, and other such materials.

Glass is one of the most commonly recycled materials nowadays since it is so easy to recycle. Glass is made up of very pure materials, therefore the recycling process is rather quick. Glass is made from soda ash, limestone, or sand and comes in a wide range of hues. Unlike metals, glass can be recycled endlessly without losing its purity or strength. Therefore, taking advantage of recycling opportunities and methods is crucial.

Glass Waste Management Rugby

Glass waste management plans are critical for businesses that generate substantial amounts of glass waste in order to reduce their environmental impact. Consequently, we recommend that you first set up a glass recycling bin in your property. Also, keeping glass waste separate from other kinds of waste can minimize contamination and maximize recycling. 

The collection of glass waste can quickly become a storage problem for businesses that generate glass waste, particularly those operating in the hospitality and retail industries. The ability to recycle glass is determined by the cullet quality. If cullet is unrecyclable due to its poor quality, it can still be used as building materials or for water filtering, for example. However, it is not possible to recycle all types of glass. Lightbulbs and chemically treated glass are some examples.

Glass Recycling Process

As per usual, glass is collected to be sent to recycling centres. With us, the collection schedule  is entirely dependent on you. After collection, comes the transportation of your waste to our recycling centres.

Sorting: When colour sorting is necessary, glass recycling often includes separation of the glass by type according to its colour. The glass is first separated into its colors to be recycled or, if left together, it can be recycled as fiberglass or used as a concrete ingredient. This process also removes metal, plastic, and other contaminants.

Crushing and melting: Upon crushing the glass (making it into a cullet), the glass is melted down. The glass is conveniently burned away if any paper is left on it. Recycling glass results in significant energy savings because recycled cullet is produced at a lower temperature than new glass. Then the glass is melted and then poured into molds or sculpted to create the final product.

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